Safe Ngon

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Safe Ngon is an interesting tool for re-position the edges position of your ngon-based mesh.

This is an experimental tool. 

1.  You select some ngon faces, then run the tool

2. It will re-position your ngon's "sharp edge" to the middle of long edge. 

It has some benefits, for example you can bevel it easier, and has lesser strange shading.

Original:  bevel + smooth shading

Safe Ngon : bevel + smooth shading 


Version 1.3.0

  • Updated for Blender 4.0.0

Version 1.2.0, 1.2.1:

- Bug fix

- Added a "Random seed" for randomizing the edges dissolve.

Version 1.1.0 :

- Added an extra function to the tool !  "Convert to Ngons" !

This option convert triangles or quad to ngons. 

Just select your faces, run the tool, and check the "Convert to Ngons" option.

Now you can un-check "move edges" option to skip the Safe-Ngon default process too.

Enjoy !

Version 1.0.1 :

- Fixed a minor bug


- Convert to Ngons : Convert all selected triangles or quads to ngons.

- Move edges : The default function of this addon. Move the edges to better position.

- Merge Distance : the distance to merge the newly created vertices

- Parallel Angle : new support edges will be created between two parallel edges. This angle value define what are the parallel edges.

- Multiple Split : Using this option, the tool will create as many support edges as it can.

- Random Seed : seed for randomizing the edges dissolve


1. Edit mode, select the faces (ngons) you want to run

2. Right click to open Context Menu, select Safe Ngon at the bottom of menu.

3. You can change settings at left-bottom menu.

This is a free tool. If you like it, please consider giving me support by buying my addons. Thanks  :)

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Safe Ngon

134 ratings
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