Curve Face Color (blender addon)

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Curve Face Color is a convenient tool for assigning color based on the face curvature, seam or marked sharp.

The parameter "edge angle" is used for grouping face into different "face group".

Then each face group will be assigned a random color (material).

It is useful for : 

- For Boolean cut result, if you want to assign specific material to the "cut" surface, which is curvature and not flat.

- Each face group has a unique material. You can select the faces easily afterward (blender has a "Select" button to select all faces using the material

- You can also use marked seam or sharp (marked by blender's edge function) to group the faces.

You can change the Edge Angle parameter. The smaller number means that slight curvature between faces will still be considered as "sharp" and put into separated group.

Usage :

To run the tool, you just need to switch to Edit mode > Face mode, 

then right click on the viewport, and select "Curve Face Color" at the bottom of the pop up context menu.

Hope you like it :)

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(29 ratings)
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Curve Face Color (blender addon)

29 ratings
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