Face Regulator (blender addon)

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Face Regulator is a small tool to "regulate" the selected quad face.

It will make the faces rectangular (change the angles to 90 degree).

It can keep the curvature of the surface, or flatten the faces.

There are options such as "Align to Axis" (align to X, Y, Z), square faces, etc.

There is option to flatten the faces, or align them to X, Y, Z axis. Also you can make them all squares.

You can use it on selected faces or edges. It support multiple selection.

It is useful for quad mesh, sculpted mesh, or even cylinder.


In Blender Edit mode, select faces or edges, then right-click in the 3D viewport.

Select Face Regulator at the bottom of the context menu of blender.

After running the tool, you can open the setting menu at the Left Bottom of the screen.

  • Solver Steps: the number of steps the engine used to change the faces. More steps will lead to more accurate result.
  • Flatten All: this option flatten all of the selected faces, regardless of their orignal orientation and face normals. The result faces will be all grounded on same plane and have same normal.
  • Align Face by XYZ: align the faces normals to local X/Y/Z axis
  • Align Edges by XYZ: align the face edges to local X/Y/Z axis
  • Square Faces: the result faces will become squares.


Version 2.1.0

  • Added the option for aligning face's edges to local axis
  • Options are renamed

Version 2.0.0

  • A newly designed powerful solver-engine for the tool
  • Improved the quality of the result. The tool now works for many kinds of sculpted mesh.
  • Simplified the options

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial version

This tool is free. Hope that you enjoy it : )

My twitter : https://twitter.com/kushirosea

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Face Regulator (blender addon)

86 ratings
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