Quick Bridge (blender addon)

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Quick Bridge is a small tool for bridge two faces (or two face-sets, edge-loops) . It is similar to blender's built-in Bridge tool, however it has some different functionalities.

  • Bridge two faces with different facing direction (different normals). You can bridge any randomly selected faces together dynamically!
  • Rotation (twisting) during bridging
  • Circular mode (check to enable) can be used to create perfect rounded bridge. Blender's bridge tool is not easy to create circular shape.

Quick Bridge is convenient to use and designed for general modeling. You can use it for two faces, two sets of face-selection, or two edge-loops


Select an object, then switch to Edit mode.

Select two faces, then right click in the 3D viewport. Select Quick Bridge in the bottom of the popup context menu.

You can change the settings in the Left-Bottom menu of the screen.

Number of Cuts: the number of segments

Size : the size of the bending

Rotation : twist the bridge. It is used for adjusting and correcting the bridge

Auto Fit Rotation : Use the auto fitting method to rotate the end-points, so it match two endpoints perfectly.

Circular mode : It use a circle-based algorithm to bridge the faces, it creates perfectly roundly bridge. To use this mode, two faces mush have same normals and on the same axis.


1.3.0, 1.3.1

  • Added support for bridging two face sets
  • Added support for bridging two edge-loops


  • Largely improved the accuracy of Auto Rotation, and the threshold value is removed.


  • Added Auto Rotation to match the endpoint


  • Initial release

It is a free tool ! Hope that you like it : )


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Quick Bridge (blender addon)

252 ratings
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