Shatter Cut (blender addon)

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Shatter Cut is a simple tool for slicing your selected faces randomly.
It slice random face on random edge, 90 degree perpendicular to the opposite edge.
It is a very simple random pattern, but it can be extended by other modeling methods such as extruded or inset.

This tool is useful for creating Sci-Fi style surface and greebles.
It can be used for making spaceship or Sci-fi style background decorations.

This tool works for curved surface or sculpted mesh. It just randomly pick faces and slice cut.

The tool has setting for "Minimum distance", it can limit how far the faces to be cut. It can be used to create different styles.

You can also create shattered glass style cut by using the "tilt" option. It will tilt the slice and make them randomly angled.

You can also adjust the "Irregular size" option to increase the variation of face size. It will result in high tech Sci-Fi style.


Blender Edit mode > select faces

Right click in the 3D view port, select Shatter Cut at the bottom of the Context Menu.

You can open the Setting menu at the Left-bottom of the screen.

There are number of cuts, random seed, and the minimum distance settings.


Version 1.2.0

  • Added the option "Irregular size" for increasing the variation of face size pattern.

Version 1.1.0

  • Added the option Tilt. It can randomly tilt the angle of slicing.
    The result is similar to shattered glass or rocks.

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial release

This is a very simple random face-slicing tool. You may use extrude or other tools afterward for different creative purposes.

This is a free addon. Hope that you enjoy it and found it useful : )

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(88 ratings)
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Shatter Cut (blender addon)

88 ratings
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