Edge Extrude (experimental addon)

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Edge Extrude is a small experimental Blender addon for extruding selected edges along its face's normal direction.

Features :

  • You can extrude it by many steps and rotate it for each steps.
  • Twisting, shifting along axis
  • It works for continuous selected edges. By selecting a series of extruded edges, you can create a "surface" just like clothes
  • Input formula for rotation and twisting ! Using variables!

It is a toy tool ! So have fun ! Don't expect it works for all cases : )

Of course you can use this tool as a general modeling tool When boundary edges of a face is selected, it will extrude nicely with same surface direction of the face, which is very handy for modeling.


Edit mode > Select edges > Right click on the viewport, select "Edge Extrude" from the bottom of popup menu (context menu).

You can change the parameters on the Left-Bottom menu of the screen.

Extrude Size : The size of extrude

Rotation : When it extrude and create a face, the face is rotated around the edge, clockwise or counter clockwise.

Steps : How many times it repeat

Rotation Delta : It is a text field. You can type a python formula into it. It accept variables : r for rotation field, i for step, t for twist field, v1 for variable-1 field, v2 for variable-2 field. Also, it accept python's math library and random library.

For example :

math.sin( i * 0.55) * 60

random.random() * 60 + r

math.floor(( i % 11)/10) * r

Twisting : The twisting of the extruded faces

Twist Delta : It is a text field for twisting formula. It use the same format as rotation delta. It also accept variables.

Seed : The seed value for python's random library.

Variable 1 and Variable 2 : They are two variables that can be used in formula. You can put "v1" or "v2" into formula, then use the value-slider of them to easily change the values.

Vector Shift : Shifting the result faces along the axis.

Hope that you like it. Enjoy ! : )

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Edge Extrude (experimental addon)

60 ratings
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