Super Sword (blender addon)

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Super sword is a fast boolean operation tool ! (blender 2.9)

(Note : I am focusing on development for my new tool : Grid Modeler )


It let you subtract / boolean / create mesh on the selected face.

1. Select a face or edge

2. Run the tool (right click menu, or you can add it to Quick menu like me)

3. Drag to draw the rectangle

4. Drag again to set the depth

5. Press Z / X / C / V / B key to commit the boolean !

Operation : 

Z : Subtract, X : Union, C : Intersect, V : Slice, B : Create mesh

This is a very quick tool for destructive boolean operation.

I spent many hours to create this, so I set a fair price $5. If you like this addon, please buy it to support my further development. You will get all future upgrades too. 

If you like some free addons, you may check out my free addon "Attach Align". I love it so much too  :)

Boolean modes :

Z key : Boolean Difference

X key : Boolean Union

C key : Boolean Intersect

V key : Slice mesh

B key : Add Mesh Only

Please note that :

1. This is direct and destructive boolean. It does not create modifiers.

2. I will keep improve this addon!  (I use it myself too). So please report and bugs or ideas to me. Contact me on twitter.

Usage Tips :

There are some useful tips for using Super Sword !

1. When you drag and create rectangle on a surface, it uses the nearest edge of your first mouse press, as the "alignment edge". If you want to override it, you can use Right-Click mouse button to set another edge as alignment edge. Note that it must be one of the edge of the current face.

2. If you want to cut by sphere or cylinder, or any shape, you can do it ! Just drag and create your cutter mesh, then delete it, add a new mesh as you like, eg: a sphere. Move it and press Z to cut, it works.  In fact, Super Sword use any new mesh (except its original mesh data) to do the boolean.

Updates : 

Version 2.1.0:

- Added the "Slice" boolean mode.  The key is "V", so the "create mesh" operation will become "B" key now.

(Z : Subtract, X : Union, C : Intersect, V : Slice, B : Create mesh )

"Slice" is a combination of boolean "intersect" and "subtract". The original mesh and cutter mesh both exist in the result, and their geometry is separated. It is often used for slicing the mesh to create details on panel.

Version 2.0.4:

Added some convenience function : 

1. When you create rectangle on a face, it use the nearest edge as the "alignment edge" to control the orientation. Now the alignment edge will be highlighted clearly.

2. You can use right-click to override the alignment edge. Just right-click any edge when you are drawing rectangle on the face. It will use that edge as alignment.

Version 2.0.3:

fixed Ctrl+Shift Copy bug

Version 2.0.1 and 2.0.2:

fixed minor bug

Version 2.0.0:

This is a huge update!!

I rewrote over 70% of the code.

It has a new workflow : 

1. Now it create the cutter mesh, and it allow you to modify the cutter mesh in blender's own way!  You can move it, scale it, rotate, bevel, extrude, and anything !

2. After you modify the cutter mesh, you can use the addon's Array operation too !

The key combination is changed to Ctrl + Shift + drag now. The reason is that I cannot block the Shift key. Now it detects Ctrl Shift to work.

3. After all, please press Z , X , C , V key to commit the boolean. Z for subtract, X for union, C for intersect, and C is doing nothing and you have the mesh.

4. Now we have a N-gon draw mode too!  When you start the tool, just press Q key to start n-gon. You can click on the face plane to create n-gon, press Q key again to close it. It is simple!

5. And one more thing, now you can Ctrl+Shift+ drag multiple times to create multi-dimensional array !! Yes, drag it once to create a row of 5, and drag in vertically again to create 5 x 5, it can be done now.

I hope that this update allows for more complicated workflow and more in-depth operation during modeling. For example, now you can fine-tune your cutter mesh, bevel it, and select some edges and modify it, and then finally press Z to commit. It has the good flexibility.

This product is not currently for sale.

You will get the zip file of this addon.

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Super Sword (blender addon)

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